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Introduction to ProPic Designs - Video

What is a ProPic?

A ProPic (pronounced pro-pic) is short for profile picture.

Uses of a ProPic

There are many uses for a ProPic! Whether you want to make a personal statement on your favorite social networking site or wish your fellow friends a happy holiday, the designs allow you to tell the world who you are and what you’re about. Beyond social networking, you can use the designs on your personal website, in company newsletters, or for any other purpose in which you want to get your message out to your family, friends, clients or followers. The Design Gallery is filled with designs for all occasions and is growing on a daily basis. Browse the design gallery categories to the right for all the current designs.

More than just a ProPic

Originally ProPic Designs was created in 2011 to allow others to personalize and express themselves in a creative way on their social networking sites. Since the launch of ProPic Designs in April 2011 it has developed into so much more than just the designs created for social networking.  With my love of graphic design and my desire to encourage others, I have decided to expand the designs into many areas other than just propics. Just to name a few, I will be adding new designs that can be used in digital scrapbooking, elements for websites and covers for Facebook pages. ProPic Designs is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Inc.

The FREE Zone

Of course, everything In "The FREE Zone" is FREE! Watch for new categories.

You can contact me at shirley@propicdesigns.com

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